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Cascais Walking Tour

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Cascais is well known for its glorious beaches but the town itself contains many interesting monuments, sights and museums. All of the sights are relatively close together and can be easily walked in a 3-4 hour tour. This guide will provide a suggested walking tour route of Cascais that takes in the important sights of the town.

Start of Cascais Walking Tour

The tour starts from the Cascais train station and the railway is the recommended transport to reach Cascais from Lisbon. From the entrance of the train station cross over the main road and pass down Rua Seb JC Melo.

Praia da Rainha Cascais

The beautiful but small Praia da Rainha Cascais

This road leads to the small and picturesque beach of Praia da Rainha, (Queens Beach). This delightful beach was the favourite location for Queen Dona Amelia who made the small cover her own personal secluded beach. Unfortunately due to the small size of the beach it is usually crowded during the summer months.

cafe Cascais

A cafe overlooking the beach and harbour

Cascais City Centre

The Cascais walking tour now heads into the centre of Cascais and the main shopping street of Rua Direita. This street is lined with exclusive shops, market stalls and street performers. Rua Direita opens up onto the two plazas of Alam Combatentes Grande Guerra and Largo Luis Camoes.

shops and restaurants Cascais

The shops and restaurants of central Cascais

Here in the squares are an assortment of different restaurants cafes and bars which is a popular location for evening entertainment. The waiters tout for customers speaking fluently in many different languages, trying to charm visitors in for sometimes the overpriced food.

cascais pretty town

Cascais is a pretty town

To the north of the central square is the tourist office that contains the remains of the oldest building in Cascais, a 16th century house. The staff in the tourist office will happily provide a free map of Cascais. South from Largo Luis Camoes square is the main beach of Cascais, the Praia da Ribeira.

Praia da Ribeira Cascais

The Praia dos Pescadores beach (Praia Ribeira)

This is a traditional Portuguese beach which shares the waters with the small fishing fleet of Cascais. Praia da Ribeira has golden sands but the small size means it is again crowded during the summer months. Surrounding the beach are fine examples of 19th century Portuguese architecture.

From Praia da Ribeira walk up the Rua Marques Leal Pancad road and the slight hill. This street ends at the charming Igreja da Assuncao church that dates from the 16th century. The bland exterior of the church gives no indication of the decorative interior that includes an elaborate wood carved alter and traditional blue and white painted tiles and famous 17th century art work.

Praia da Ribeira Cascais

Cascais Museums

Opposite the church is the brightly painted Centro Cultural de Cascais (Cascais Cultural Centre) which was surprisingly once a convent. The museum hosts touring art exhibits over the three floors and it is free to enter, as with all museums in Cascais.

Centro Cultural de Cascais

The vivid exterior of the Centro Cultural de Cascais

From the Centro Cultural de Cascais head north and across the roundabout on to the Avenue da Republica. To the left is the Marechal Carmona park but this is visited later in the tour.

Museu do Mar cascais

The Museu do Mar

The next sight along the street is the Museu do Mar (Museum of the Sea) which was once the summer time residence of the Portuguese royal family. Contained within the Museu do Mar are permanent exhibits detailing the fishing history of Cascais, the sea life of the coasts of Portugal and other sea related exhibits. Each of the displays is clearly described in both Portuguese and English and the museum is another interesting detour of the tour.

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