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Lisbon Airport to Cascais

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Cascais is a pretty and traditional beach resort that makes for an ideal holiday destination. The main point of entry to central Portugal is via Lisbon airport, which lies 35km north east of Cascais. This guide will detail how to travel from Lisbon airport to Cascais using public transport. For a guide to Lisbon airport please click here.

Cascais train

The Lisbon to Cascais train and railway

Lisbon Airport to Cascais An Overview

The journey from Lisbon Airport to Cascais is very easy by public transport, requiring the use of the metro or the Aerobus and then the Cascais railway. The total journey time from Lisbon airport to Cascais is less than 1 hour and this times includes the connection times. The total ticket price will cost less than €5.00 per passenger. Sadly there used to be a direct bus service (Scotturb No. 498) which connected Lisbon airport to Cascais but this service was cancelled. The 498 bus services is still referred to by many older and outdated websites. The only public transport method is by metro then by train. The following section will provide an in depth description of the journey to Cascais from Lisbon Airport.

Lisbon Airport to Cais do Sodre train station

The first stage of the journey is traveling from the Lisbon airport to Cais do Sodre train station which is the departure station for Cascais. There are two routes either the use of the Metro or the Aerobus (a special bus services which connects Lisbon airport to Baixa and Cais do Sodre).

lisbon metro

Lisbon metro is safe, clean and inexpensive

The advantage of the bus is that it is direct and does not need a connection but is slightly more expensive. The Aerobus departs from the arrivals terminal and there is a service every 20 minutes with a ticket costing €4.00 (or €6.00 for two adults). The first service is at 7:30 and last service is at 22:30. The journey time is 20 minutes but follows an interesting route down Lisbon's main avenues. More information abou the Aerobus can be found on their website:


The red metro line connects Lisbon airport while Cais do Sodré is the final stop on the green metro line. A connection is required at Alameda metro station and this involves a walk of 300m and two flights of stairs all of which is draining with heavy bags. A single metro ticket costs €1.40 and a reusable ticket (Viva Viagem) must be bought for the first journey for €0.50. The first metro of the day is at 06:00 and the last metro is as 01:00.



Cais do Sodre train station To Cascais

The second stage of the journey from Lisbon airport to Cascais is by train. From Cais do Sodre there is departure every 20 minutes during daylight hours and the journey takes between 30 and 40 minutes depending on the number of stops. The last trains of the night depart from both Cascais and Lisbon at 0:30am, 1:00am and 1:30am (correct at spring 2017). For the full timetable please see the CP website:

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Cais do Sodre railway station

The Cais do Sodre railway station in Lisbon

The train journey from Lisbon to Cascais requires a 4 zone ticket, €2.15 for an adult single and €1.10 for child. Tickets must be bought from the ticket office or ticket machine before boarding the train. The train journey takes 30 minutes and follows the scenic coastline, for the best views sit on the left hand side of the carriage.

cascais train

Cascais train in the station

Lisbon Airport to Cascais by Taxi?

The taxi fare from Lisbon airport to Cascais costs between €60-70 but the price greatly depends on haggling skills as Cascais is outside of the Lisbon taxi region. The journey take approximately 40 minutes depending on traffic. The taxi option should only be considered if traveling as a large group and/or with children. If private transport is required it is usually better to precook a transfer before arriving at Lisbon.

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